Eva Maria Hammer
contemporary artist


Laniakea (2023), 80x60, Canvas

Himno de la Alegría (2023), 120x70, Canvas

 lost in paradise (2023), 60x80, Canvas

Blue Lagoon (2023), 120x40, Canvas 

 euthym (2023), 100x40, Canvas

Adrenalin (2023), 100x70, Canvas

Plunge through Space and Time (2023), 80x40, Canvas

Meraki (2022), 2 piece painting, 100x70, Wood panel 3D

Freefall (2022), 60x90, Canvas

Le Chemin (2022), 60x90x7,5, Canvas 3D

Good Vibrations (2022), 60x80, Canvas

Joy (2022), 60x80, Canvas

Bath of Harmony (2022), 60x80, Canvas

 Breathe (2022), 60x80, Canvas

Cante Tinza (2022), 60x80, Canvas

Exploding Butterfly (2022), 60x80, Canvas

Into the Light (2022), 60x80, Canvas 

 Vis la Passion (2022), 60x80, Canvas 

 All Heroes Suffer (2022), 60x80, Canvas

The Time's Now (2022), 60x80, Canvas

The Wingbeat (2023), 60x80, Canvas

Pure Love (2022), 60x80, Canvas

Daydream (2022), 80x60, Canvas

Ave del Paraíso (2023), 50x40, Canvas

Beacon of Hope (2022), 50x60, Canvas

Una Lágrima de Felicidad (2021), 50x60, Canvas

Seven (2022), 30x60, Canvas 

Sunset (2022), 50x50, Canvas 

Summer Vibes (2022), 50x50, Canvas

Cocoon (2023), 50x50, Canvas

stoked (2023), 50x50, Canvas

steezy (2023), 50x50, Canvas

 Kama Muta (2022), 30x40, Canvas

Ride The Wild Surf (2022), 30x40, Canvas

Eternal Bond (2023), 30x30, Canvas

Unique (2022), 30x30, Canvas

Dig (2022), 30x30, Canvas


Angel Kiss (2022), 30x30, MDF Art Board

The Earth and Sky meet (2022), 30x30, MDF Art Board

Sweetest Thing (2022), 30x30, MDF Art Board

Réveil en Douceur (2022), 30x30, MDF Art Board

Down Under (2022), 15x15, Art Board 

La Curación (2022), 15x15, Art Board 

Saut du Coeur (2022), 15x15, Art Board 

Infinity (2022), 100x70, Canvas

Sunrise (2022), 60x80, 2 piece painting, Canvas